Sleeve blue commander Vina Lokai
Posting: Starbase 84
Position: Chief Medical Officer
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 2328
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Reddish-Brown

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Vina Lokai, mother of Kaori Lokai, served on the USS Miranda from the year 2370 to 2373 as ship's Chief Medical Officer. Her husband was assigned to the Miranda as well. In 2371, they tried for a child and continued to do so through the years. After a few years on the Miranda, Vina decided that she wanted to be more than a doctor. She took the command course and was promoted to Commander. That landed her an Executive position as XO of the USS Independence under Captain Patricia Clow. During this time, she stayed in contact with her head nurse and then ACMO, Kisha Ventar-Maab, who had taken over as CMO when she left the Miranda. Vina trusted Kisha and worked with her for a few more years in trying to help her get pregnant.

Vina, although sad that nothing was working, she enjoyed being XO. That lasted a few years but there was still something missing in her life, a child. In 2375, already accepting they were never going to have kids, Kisha told her about an orphanage so they t9ook a leave of absence and visited the planet. All of the kids were young but there was one girl who looked sad. She caught their eyes so they asked about her. They found out that she had a run of bad luck when it came to foster care and her last one died. In 2375, Vina decided to step down as XO and get reassigned to Starbase 84. She wanted to go back along with her husband to being a doctor and a mother to Kaori. They came back for Kaori and brought her to Starbase 84. In 2377, Leonard died in a shuttle accident. Vina remained on Starbase 84 while Kaori joined Starfleet Academy with her mother's encouragement.

Vina still stays in close contact with Kisha and sometimes visits her and Admiral Maab. Vina has never remarried and is still practicing medicine. She plans to retire in 6 years...maybe.

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Uniform duty blue lt Uniform dress blue lt Uniform utility blue lt Uniform duty blue officer medical tunic Uniform scrubs lt