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This sim is set aboard the starship Miranda in the year 2387 in the new Star Trek universe created by the new movie. Our Sim and many of our members are from the original Star Trek: Miranda, which ran from 1997-2007, making it the oldest Star Trek RPG at the time.

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  • July 2009
    • 26 July 2009 2130 CDT - Well after a completely hectic month, I'm back, and will be doing some site maintenance and tweaking. For now, check out IcarusPhoenix's Featured Article humans! — Sevenscence
  • June 2009
    • 28 June 2009 2250 CDT - Please visit the newest Featured Article on our studly CTO, Nathan Everett!
    • 25 June 2009 2240 CDT - Hope you enjoy the new site theme and logo! Major props to IcarusPhoenix for all his hard work! Thank you so much!
    • 16 June 2009 0004 CDT - Check out our newest Featured Article on Starfleet Uniforms!
    • 07 June 2009 1430 CDT - IcarusPhoenix has created our first article for Commander Joral Anton, the Miranda's Executive Officer!
    • 06 June 2009 1636 CDT - The USS Miranda wiki is now open! Feel free to create a user account and start adding to the site!

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Featured article: Humans (Terran)

The Earth seen from Apollo 17.jpg
Humans (Homo sapiens) are the best known of at least three spacefaring Sentient Species to have originated from the planet Earth. As the word for their homeworld was "Terra", Humans were sometimes referred to as "Terrans". Occasionally the term Terran is used to distinguish Humans living on Earth from those residing on other planets and moons. Some people used the adjective "Terran" to refer to subjects or institutions associated with Humanity (Terran cuisine, Terran literature, Terran art, etc)...