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Vessel Name: USS Miranda
Registry Number: NCC-77000
Class: Trailblazer
Classification: Battleship
Affiliation: Starfleet
Status: In Service
Commissioned: stardate 2372.214
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The USS Miranda is a Trailblazer-class starship commissioned in 2372. Originally commanded by Victor Murdock, the Miranda is now under the command of Elaithin Jii.


Origins of the Name[]

Miranda is one of the moons, of Uranus. The moon was the first location that dilithium was discovered naturally, and enabled warp drive to become an operative mode of travel rather quickly.

Miranda is also the only daughter of Prospero in Shakespeare's The Tempest. The pair were abandoned on an island by some enemies of Prospero. Some travelers from their country land on the island and Miranda falls in love with the young prince, who ends up rescuing them and bringing them back to civilization.


Service Record[]


Dimensions Shuttles 114 Crew 1,608
Length ? meters Captain's Yacht 1 Officers 223
Width ? meters Runabouts 6 Warrant Officers 213
Height ? meters Heavy Shuttlecraft 8 Enlisted Personnel 1196
Displacement ? Metric Tonnes Armored Shuttlecraft 10 Passengers 250
Decks 38 Medium Shuttlecraft 16 Emergency Capacity 25,000
Performance Fast Shuttlecraft 12 Weaponry
Warp Cruising Speed Warp 9 Shuttlepods 20 Phaser Turrets 38
Emergency Warp Speed Warp 15 Medical Shuttlecraft 6 Point-Defense Phasers 20
Maximum Warp Speed Warp 18.5 Gunboats 2 Torpedo Tubes 16
Slipstream Cruising Speed Factor 4 Dropships 12 Micro-Torpedo Turrets 10
Emergency Slipstream Speed Factor 5 Cargo Shuttles 4 Pulse Phaser Arrays 2
Maximum Slipstream Speed Factor 6 Tanker Shuttles 2 Disruptor Cannons 1
Tug Shuttles 2
Aquashuttles 4
Workbees 10


Primary Hull Secondary Hull
Deck Facilities Deck Facilities
Deck 1 Main Bridge, Conference Lounge, Captain's Ready Room
Deck 2 Captain's Stateroom, Situation Room, Combat Information Center, Strategic Operations Center, Tactical Offices, Executive Officer's Office
Deck 3 Captain's Mess, Captain's Mess Galley, Operations Center, Intelligence Center, Intelligence Offices, Administrative Offices, Officers' Lounge
Deck 4 Officers' Mess, Officers' Mess Galley, Navigational Control, Sensor Control, Communications Center, Linguistics Lab, Transporter Rooms 1 &2
Deck 5 Upper Astrometrics Lab, Physics Labs, Cybernetics Lab, Dorsal Phaser Turret Control, Primary Computer Core Interface Control
Deck 6 Upper Botanical Gardens, Astrometrics Lab, Stellar Cartography Lab, Cartography Lab, Geology Lab
Deck 7 Botanical Gardens, Hydroponic Gardens, Botany Lab, Biology Labs, Exo-biology Lab, Lower Astrometrics Lab
Deck 8 Executive Officer's Stateroom, Second Officer's Stateroom, Intelligence Liaison's Stateroom, VIP Staterooms, Senior Officers' Quarters, Officers' Commissary, Support Services Offices, Upper Ship's Theatre
Deck 9 Junior Officers' Quarters, Ship's Chapel, Religious Services Offices, Ship's Theatre, Educational Facilities, Ship's Tailor, Barber Shop
Deck 10 Ship's Pub, Crew Mess Halls, Main Galley, Ship's Library, Commissary, Recreation Deck, Warrant Officers' Quarters Deck 10 Perishable Goods Storage
Deck 11 Sickbay, Chief Medical Officer's Office, Medical Research Laboratory, Counselors' Offices, Ship's Gymnasium, Warrant Officers' Quarters, Upper Secondary Impulse Engineering, Transporter Rooms 3 & 4 Deck 11 Upper Primary Impulse Engineering
Deck 12 Chief of the Boat's Office, "Goat Locker", Chiefs' Mess, Non-Commissioned Officers' Quarters, Secondary Impulse Engineering Deck 12 Primary Impulse Engineering, Secondary Fusion Generators
Deck 13 Non-Commissioned Officers', Captains Yacht Docking Port, Cargo Bays Deck 13 Secondary Computer Core Interface Control
Deck 14 Cloaking Device Control Systems, Non-Commissioned Officers' Quarters
Deck 15 Security Offices, Main Armory, Brig, Security Physical Training Facilities, Firing Range, Criminology Lab, Transporter Rooms 5 & 6
Deck 16 Flight Deck Control, Primary Docking Port, Overflow Officers' Quarters
Deck 17 Upper Main Shuttlebay, Overflow Officers' Quarters
Deck 18 Main Shuttlebay, Shuttle Pilots' Quarters
Deck 19 Shuttle Repair Facilities, Shuttle Storage Facilities, Non-Commissioned Officers' Quarters
Deck 20 Enlisted Barracks, Broadside Torpedo Tubes 15 &16, Torpedo Storage
Deck 21 Enlisted Barracks, Pulse Phaser Control
Deck 22 Enlisted Barracks, Ship's Swimming Facilities
Deck 23 Enlisted Barracks, Swimming Pool Maintenance Facilities, Aft Torpedo Tubes 11-14, Torpedo Storage, Gravitic Mine Storage
Deck 24 Environmental Control Center, Gravity Control, Turbolift Control, Turbolift Storage, Deuterium Storage Tanks, Refueling Interconnects
Deck 25 Torpedo Launch Central Control, Forward Torpedo Tubes 1-4, Torpedo Storage, Deuterium Storage Tanks
Deck 26 Forward Torpedo Tubes 5-10, Torpedo Storage, Transporter Rooms 7 & 8, Deuterium Storage Tanks
Deck 27 Navigational Deflector Control, Deuterium Storage Tanks
Deck 28 Disruptor Control, Ship's Laundry, Deuterium Injector System
Deck 29 Fabrication Shops, Liquids Storage, Liquids Generation Systems, Dry Bulk Storage
Deck 30 Fabrication Shops, Reclamation Facilities, Raw Materials Storage, Industrial Replicators
Deck 31 Cryogenic Stasis Systems
Deck 32 Upper Main Engineering Primary Fusion Generators, Aft Workbee Storage
Deck 33 Main Engineering, Warp Reaction Chamber, Chief Engineer's Office, Slipstream Reactor Room
Deck 34 Cargo Bays, Tractor Beam Systems, Probe Launch Bay, Probe Storage, Probe Maintenance Facilities
Deck 35 Cargo Bays
Deck 36 Cargo Bays, Cargo Transporter Facilities
Deck 37 Antimatter Injection Systems
Deck 38 Warp Core Ejection Systems, Antimatter Storage Units


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