The following is a chart of all rank insignia used by Starfleet prior to the uniform redesign of 2388. Rank stripes were worn on both sleeves, four centimeters above the cuff. Note that some of these ranks exist on paper only; for example, there is only one Master Chief Petty Officer of Starfleet in the Command department, and the maroon, royal blue, black, and white insignia are representations only. Fleet ranks were worn near the cuff of both sleeves; the insignia of the Starfleet Marine Corps were worn on both shoulders. The Corps also uses separate naming conventions.

It should also be noted that most enlisted personnel holding rates of Petty Officer Third Class and above have a rating in addition to their grade, and this was usually indicated by a pertinent logo below their stripes. The same is true of Staff Officers, who typically wore an emblem above their rank stripes.

Starfleet Rank Insignia
Rank Command, Flight Control, Tactical Security, Operations, Engineering Sciences, Medical Intelligence Starfighter Operations Starfleet Marine Corps Starfleet Marine Corps
(Combat Fatigues)
Marine Corps Rank
Fleet Admiral Sleeve gold fleet admiral Sleeve red fleet admiral Sleeve blue fleet admiral Sleeve black fleet admiral Sleeve white fleet admiral Sleeve marine field marshall Sleeve camo field marshall Field Marshall
Admiral Sleeve gold admiral Sleeve red admiral Sleeve blue admiral Sleeve black admiral Sleeve white admiral Sleeve marine general Sleeve camo general General
Vice Admiral Sleeve gold vice admiral Sleeve red vice admiral Sleeve blue vice admiral Sleeve black vice admiral Sleeve white vice admiral Sleeve marine lt general Sleeve camo lt general Lieutenant General
Rear Admiral Sleeve gold rear admiral Sleeve red rear admiral Sleeve blue rear admiral Sleeve black rear admiral Sleeve white rear admiral Sleeve marine major general Sleeve camo major general Major General
Commodore Sleeve gold commodore Sleeve red commodore Sleeve blue commodore Sleeve black commodore Sleeve white commodore Sleeve marine brigadier general Sleeve camo brigadier general Brigadier General
Fleet Captain Sleeve gold fleet captain Sleeve red fleet captain Sleeve blue fleet captain Sleeve black fleet captain Sleeve white fleet captain Sleeve marine sr colonel Sleeve camo sr colonel Senior Colonel
Captain Sleeve gold captain Sleeve red captain Sleeve blue captain Sleeve black captain Sleeve white captain Sleeve marine colonel Sleeve camo colonel Colonel
Commander Sleeve gold commander Sleeve red commander Sleeve blue commander Sleeve black commander Sleeve white commander Sleeve marine lt colonel Sleeve camo lt colonel Lieutenant Colonel
Lieutenant Commander Sleeve gold lt cmdr Sleeve red lt cmdr Sleeve blue lt cmdr Sleeve black lt cmdr Sleeve white lt cmdr Sleeve marine major Sleeve camo major Major
Lieutenant Sleeve gold lt Sleeve red lt Sleeve blue lt Sleeve black lt Sleeve white lt Sleeve marine sr lt Sleeve camo sr lt Senior Lieutenant
Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Sleeve gold lt jg Sleeve red lt jg Sleeve blue lt jg Sleeve black lt jg Sleeve white lt jg Sleeve marine 1st lt Sleeve camo 1st lt First Lieutenant
Ensign Sleeve gold ensign Sleeve red ensign Sleeve blue ensign Sleeve black ensign Sleeve white ensign Sleeve marine 2nd lt Sleeve camo 2nd lt Second Lieutenant
Cadet First Class Sleeve cadet gold 1 Sleeve cadet red 1 Sleeve cadet blue 1 Sleeve cadet black 1 Sleeve cadet white 1 Sleeve cadet marine 1 Sleeve cadet camo 1 Cadet First Class
Cadet Second Class Sleeve cadet gold 2 Sleeve cadet red 2 Sleeve cadet blue 2 Sleeve cadet black 2 Sleeve cadet white 2 Sleeve cadet marine 2 Sleeve cadet camo 2 Cadet Second Class
Cadet Third Class Sleeve cadet gold 3 Sleeve cadet red 3 Sleeve cadet blue 3 Sleeve cadet black 3 Sleeve cadet white 3 Sleeve cadet marine 3 Sleeve cadet camo 3 Cadet Third Class
Cadet Fourth Class Sleeve cadet gold 4 Sleeve cadet red 4 Sleeve cadet blue 4 Sleeve cadet black 4 Sleeve cadet white 4 Sleeve cadet marine 4 Sleeve cadet camo 4 Cadet Fourth Class
Master Warrant Officer Sleeve gold master wo Sleeve red master wo Sleeve blue master wo Sleeve black master wo Sleeve white master wo Sleeve marine master wo Sleeve camo master wo Master Warrant Officer
Senior Warrant Officer Sleeve gold senior wo Sleeve red senior wo Sleeve blue senior wo Sleeve black senior wo Sleeve white senior wo Sleeve marine senior wo Sleeve camo senior wo Senior Warrant Officer
Chief Warrant Officer Sleeve gold cwo Sleeve red cwo Sleeve blue cwo Sleeve black cwo Sleeve white cwo Sleeve marine cwo Sleeve camo cwo Chief Warrant Officer
Warrant Officer Sleeve gold wo Sleeve red wo Sleeve blue wo Sleeve black wo Sleeve white wo Sleeve marine wo Sleeve camo wo Warrant Officer
Master Chief Petty Officer of Starfleet Sleeve gold master cpo sf Sleeve red master cpo sf Sleeve blue master cpo sf Sleeve black master cpo sf Sleeve white master cpo sf Sleeve marine sergeant major sfmc Sleeve camo sergeant major sfmc Sergeant Major of the Starfleet Marine Corps
Command Master Chief Petty Officer Sleeve gold senior cpo sf Sleeve red senior cpo sf Sleeve blue senior cpo sf Sleeve black senior cpo sf Sleeve white senior cpo sf Sleeve marine master gunnery sergeant Sleeve camo master gunnery sergeant Master Gunnery Sergeant
Master Chief Petty Officer Sleeve gold master cpo Sleeve red master cpo Sleeve blue master cpo Sleeve black master cpo Sleeve white master cpo Sleeve marine sergeant major Sleeve camo sergeant major Sergeant Major
Senior Chief Petty Officer Sleeve gold senior cpo Sleeve red senior cpo Sleeve blue senior cpo Sleeve black senior cpo Sleeve white senior cpo Sleeve marine master sergeant Sleeve camo master sergeant Master Sergeant
Chief Petty Officer Sleeve gold cpo Sleeve red cpo Sleeve blue cpo Sleeve black cpo Sleeve white cpo Sleeve marine gunnery sergeant Sleeve camo gunnery sergeant Gunnery Sergeant
Petty Officer First Class Sleeve gold po 1 Sleeve red po 1 Sleeve blue po 1 Sleeve black po 1 Sleeve white po 1 Sleeve marine staff sergeant Sleeve camo staff sergeant Staff Sergeant
Petty Officer Second Class Sleeve gold po 2 Sleeve red po 2 Sleeve blue po 2 Sleeve black po 2 Sleeve white po 2 Sleeve marine sergeant Sleeve camo sergeant Sergeant
Petty Officer Third Class Sleeve gold po 3 Sleeve red po 3 Sleeve blue po 3 Sleeve black po 3 Sleeve white po 3 Sleeve marine corporal Sleeve camo corporal Corporal
Crewman Sleeve gold crewman Sleeve red crewman Sleeve blue crewman Sleeve black crewman Sleeve white crewman Sleeve marine lance corporal Sleeve camo lance corporal Lance Corporal
Crewman Apprentice Sleeve gold crewman apprentice Sleeve red crewman apprentice Sleeve blue crewman apprentice Sleeve black crewman apprentice Sleeve white crewman apprentice Sleeve marine pfc Sleeve camo pfc Private First Class
Crewman Recruit Sleeve gold crewman recruit Sleeve red crewman recruit Sleeve blue crewman recruit Sleeve black crewman recruit Sleeve white crewman recruit Sleeve marine private Sleeve camo private Private


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