Starfleet communicator badges are worn by all personnel on the left breast and are in the shape of the Starfleet logo. Personalized to the user and activated by the touch of a finger, commbadges can be used to track the user in an emergency. Communicators are composed of a crystalline composite of silicon, beryllium, carbon-seventy, and gold. When accessing a computer, the communicator of the person at the terminal logs in the user information, thereby making it possible to trace back who accessed the computer.

Each communicator displays the wearer's assigned department. Those show below were used prior to the uniform redesign of 2388.

Starfleet Communicator Badges
Comm-Command Comm-Helm Comm-Tactical Comm-Ops Comm-Security Comm-Engineering
Command Flight Control Tactical Operations Security Engineering
Comm-Sciences Comm-Medical Comm-Intel
Sciences Medical Intelligence Starfleet Training Command
(Including students)
Starfighter Pilots Starfleet Marine Corps


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