Stardates are the primary calendar system for most space-faring organizations, including Starfleet. In the case of the United Federation of Planets, stardates are based on the Earth Gregorian calendar. The first four digits represent the year, followed by a decimal point, after which comes a one- or two-digit month (numbered 1 through 12) and a two-digit date, with no separation between month and date.

Typically, a final zero on any date is dropped (i.e. in the case of the tenth, twentieth, and thirtieth days of any given month). The sole exception to this rule is the month of October, which, as the tenth month, means that dropping the trailing zero would result in confusion between those three dates and the first, second, and third of January.

Prior to 2300, the stardate system was based solely upon the number of days in a year. However, this was changed due to confusion and inconsistency - namely, as the system was still based upon the Gregorian calendar, any date after the end of February was different each leap year. Thus, the month/day system was adopted to maintain consistency from year-to-year.


  • 2306.209: 9 February 2306
  • 2314.421: 21 April 2314
  • 2322.63: 30 June 2322
  • 2325.1020: 20 October 2325
  • 2337.1105: 5 November 2337
  • 2340.1221: 21 December 2340
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