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Relay G6M was a Federation relay station operated by Starfleet in the 24th century, located at the edge of the Gamma Ysalis star system in the galaxy's Beta Quadrant in the 2360s decade. Although the space station was constructed along the planform of the standard relay station, G6M was designed to be an automated facility without any crew assigned aboard.

History and specifications[]

The primary purpose of Relay G6M was to tabulate data and relay signals from Sci G6B, a science buoy located above the ecliptic plane of Gamma Ysalis's inner asteroid belt.

Despite being an unmanned station, Relay G6M had the normal accommodations of relay stations of the same type, with 2 crew quarters, 2 lounge areas, a storage room and a utility mess hall, and a central operations center at the hub. As an unmanned facility, only a bare minimum of supplies were kept aboard in case of emergency. A double shuttlebay berth was present, but no auxiliary craft was assigned to the station. Berth 2 was available for incoming docking craft, while Berth 1 had been modified to accommodate a large data storage drone which could detach and deploy several different antenna configurations for transmission scenarios.

For a period of time the station was activated for a DTI project, which involved a number of classified visits by starships. Additional portable computer facilities were added to Lounge 2 and a major data processing initiative was undertaken. Many reports are classified and approach traffic logs have been redacted, but it is believed that all DTI activities on G6M ceased circa stardate 43081.47. The beginning of this project is officially recorded as occurring on stardate 40769.13, although some accounts date classified material began to be stored on G6M as early as stardate 27360.42.