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The nine Bajoran Orbs, known to Bajorans as the Tears of the Prophets, are mysterious artifacts that originated with the Prophets. The Bajorans stored them in arks which contained their energies, as they induced unusual effects on those exposed to them.


The Orbs are noted for their hourglass shape and have a vibrant green colored form which glows from within and had been known to defy gravity. Scientific analysis has revealed that the Orbs are apparently in some form of energy vortex which draws in spatial, temporal and even mental forces. However, the true nature of these artifacts is unknowable and this enigmatic nature means that they are a vivid symbol of the religious beliefs of the Bajoran race. These strange objects have long been accepted as manifestations of the Prophets which were sent to teach and guide the Bajorans in their lives. It is believed by followers of the Bajoran religion that they came from the Celestial Temple and their existence simply strengthens the belief the Bajorans have in the Propehets. The term "Tears of the Prophets" is an appellation that was derived from the belief that the Orbs are constituent parts which are small but significant aspect of the Prophets. It is further believed that they have fallen from the Prophets to the people when direct contact between the two was somehow lost. Thus the Tears are the last physical link that connected Bajor to the Celestial Temple.

When exposed to the orbs, many individuals have experiences ranging from intense thoughts to fully developed realities, though the Orbs have demonstrated the capability to be selective to whom they will reveal themselves. These effects are not restricted by species, but have been reported by the majority of persons who have encountered these objects.

Starbase 823 was the site of a temporal incursion by the Orb of Time in the year 2393. An unknown party from some point in the 22nd century attempted to bring the Orb of Time to the ruins of Galvanis, but was likely lost in the event. The Orb of Time they were using was canceled out of time by the pre-existing 24th century Orb of Time.

List of Orbs[]

  • Orb of Contemplation
  • Orb of Destiny
  • Orb of Memory
  • Orb of Prophecy and Change
  • Orb of Souls
  • Orb of Time
  • Orb of Truth
  • Orb of Unity
  • Orb of Wisdom