Sleeve blue commander
Posting: Starfleet Medical
Position: Professor
Species: Klingon/Human
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: stardate 2340.514
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 140lbs.
Hair Color: Dark Brown

Personal DetailsEdit

Kisha Ventar's dad was a Klingon Officer so he was hardly around. Her mom raised Kisha on Earth. Kisha's mom was lonely and had an affair. Became pregnant with Salia. Her dad died an honorable death. Her mom contracted a fatal disease and died shortly after. They were both sent to live with their human grandmother. Kisha developed a jealousy of her fully human sister. Kisha was pretty much a loner and found it hard to find friends who would accept her Klingon heritage. Their grandmother adopted the girls and died one month later. After living with other relatives, Kisha decided to join Starfleet Academy in the medical field. She graduated and joined the USS Hera as a student nurse. Two years later, she remained as one of the USS Hera's nurses. She decided to leave the Hera and go back to school so she could eventually become a doctor. She was reassigned to another ship as head nurse then was reassigned again to the USS Miranda, keeping her job title of head nurse. There, she met Anthony Maab when she accidentally bumped into him and dumped her mashed potatoes and gravy all over him. The dinner menu was changed to include "Maab Potatoes" which stuck with the ship years later and the two eventually married but not before Kisha was reunited with her sister. They both worked out their differences and Salia was asked to be in the wedding. Soon, she was promoted to ACMO, under Dr. Vina Lokai. Some time later, Vina, the acting CMO and friend, left. Kisha was recommended for the position of CMO. She got promoted to CMO. Not only did she get the promotion but she found herself pregnant with Anthony Mabb's son. Kisha eventually took the command course and was promoted to Commander.

Admiral Anthony Maab and Kisha Ventar Maab are still married and they have a son together. Kisha teaches a class at Starfleet Medical and is also a surgeon.

Note: Kisha was the first half human, half Klingon to become a Medical student and a successful Doctor and Surgeon.

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Personal InterestsEdit

She doesn't have many hobies but she has come to enjoy Anthony's movie collection. She also loves horseback riding. Her husband likes Chess but Kisha doesn't know how to play or even care to learn it.

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