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The Andorians are a sentient humanoid species from the moon Andoria, one of the founding members of the United Federation of Planets. They are a primarily blue-skinned species with antennae and white hair.


Large portions of Andorian history are unknown, or at least unclear, as all known written histories were destroyed in 1692 by members of of the Lor'vela clan at the end of the Age of Lament. It is known that the Andorians developed warp drive in 1154, which, while eight centuries after the Vulcans and a century-and-a-half after Klingons, was over nine centuries before Humans.

First contact with Vulcan came sometime in the early 20th Century, and an inconclusive battle was fought by a pair of ships from the two powers in 1953, leading to over two centuries of conflict.

In 2097, the two powers signed a treaty annexing the Andorian colony of Weytahn to Vulcan administration, after the Vulcans had forcibly evacuated the colonists some years before on the grounds that the colony was too close to their space.

In 2104, the Andorians rediscovered the pacifist Aenar subspecies in the Northern Wastes of their homeworld. Prior to this, the Aenar had been considered mythical.

In 2151, the Andorians were aided by the Earth starship Enterprise in uncovering a secret listening post hidden underneath the Vulcan monastery on P'Jem. Some months later, the Andorians destroyed the monastery and the surveillance facility.

The next year, a brief open conflict arose between Andoria and Vulcan over Weytahn, which was solved by the signing of a cease fire agreement mediated by Starfleet.

After the Xindi attacked Earth in 2153, the Andorians sent a vessel into the Delphic Expanse to attempt the theft of a prototype of the weapon used in that attack for use against the Vulcans. They were unsuccessful.



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